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Cummins Power Generation Powergas strategic partner
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Cummins Power Generation Nigeria is the official Cummins gas generator distributor and leading independent power producer (IPP) in Nigeria with over 100 MW installed and PPAs signed for an additional 720 MW, expected to come onto the grid by 2019.

Part of Cummins Inc., a $19 Billion Fortune 500 organisation with over 55,000 employees worldwide, Cummins Power Generation Nigeria is well supported with global technology transfer and in house aftermarket & service capability. 

All plants are certified with official parts, 24x7 Cummins trained engineers on site, remote monitoring and frequent safety checks - the plants average over 99% power availability. Specialist maintenance is critical to keep the plant in good health, maximise load efficiency and ensure continuous power availability

Cummins Energy Solutions Nigeria Ltd is a project company and part of  Cummins Power Generation Energy Solution Business, a global entity having responsibility for lean burn natural gas generator distribution and installation, with operating companies in Europe (UK, Belgium, Spain & Italy) Australia, Singapore, China, India Africa (South Africa, West Africa North Africa & East Africa) and the Americas (USA, Canada, Mexico Brazil & Colombia) These project companies have cumulatively developed business resulting to over 1300 lean-burn gas generator sets installed worldwide since product launch in 1998. Installed capacities approach 2000 MWe and 600 MWth.

Soventix is a leading German solar company that builds and operates PV solar systems around the globe – with operational solar plants and branches in twelve countries and four continents. One of the biggest branches is located in South Africa where Soventix develops large-scale Greenfield solar projects.

Soventix has developed a wide spectrum of solar projects ranging from a 33 MW grid connected solar park in the Dominican Republic (Phase I), the largest solar project in the Caribbean, to rooftop installations catering to industrial sites.
Powergas & SOVENTIX will primarily focus on Gas & Solar Hybrid Solutionfor industrial rooftop, solar applications will synchronize with the existing Gas Generators or grid power systems. This model will enable industries to have an additional source of power generation at a lower price than Diesel & even Gas FuelPower, whilst also significantly reducing emissions. Phase II of the joint venture will also aim to develop national solar parks that feed clean energy into the Nigerian grid.

The group's close partnerships and respective proven track records truly enable us to deliver reliable and cost effective power solutions in difficult operating environments. All partners and employees work to the highest ethical and compliance standards as expected of a UK or US limited firm.

Powergas is Africa’s largest Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) producer & distributor and pioneer in “virtual pipeline gas distribution,” providing CNG to clients where piped natural gas (PNG) is unavailable.


Since inception, Powergas has scaled quickly to maintain the largest production & distribution capacity in Africa – operating four compression plants and currently building one of West Africa’s first mini-LNG facilities.


Powergas operates 4 CNG plants across Nigeria with a total production capacity of over 720,000 SCM per day. Powergas’ four-train mini-LNG plant will add an additional 384,000 SCM per day capacity.


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